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It will be an exciting experience to customize a person sculpture as a gift. An everlasting artwork has perfect likeness of the individual person and may captures and enhances their inner and outer beauty of the person.  It is a worthy investment to create a portrait sculpture.  Please contact us at  Please never miss the opportunity to convert your photo into 3D sculptures.

We have worked on portrait sculptures for over 20 years.  Our sculptors have graduated from art universities in China and have over 10 year experience in sculpture.   You will be assured with 100% satisfaction and get best services from us.  

As you know, we provide both portrait sculptures of both life-size sculpture and mini-scale 3D figurines.  The price is listed as below:

Life-size Portrait sculpture sample

Life-size Portrait sculpture

Bust           1699USD
Full body     2999USD

Mini-size 3D cartoon figurines

A set of single person    69 USD
A set of two  persons    119 USD
A set of three persons:   169 USD

Please submit necessary photos of you to us with notes of sculpture type.   For the photos,  please note the following information:

        It is useful to have the following views of the portrait subject (serene smile or serious, please, no teeth...)    
        1.  Full front from shoulders up
        2.  Full back from neck up
        3.  Side view - right
        4.  Three-quarter view - right/front
        5.  Side view - left
        6.  Three-quarter view - left/front
    (Please include ear length in inches, for proper scale)
Photographs may be sent via e-mail (jpg/jpeg format).  Black & white prints are also acceptable; please send your photographs to email:   Our staffs will response to you and send quotation and payment method.   Once you made payment,   our sculptors start to work.    You will get draft photos in 2 weeks.  After that, you can drop comments and your comments will be implemented by the sculptors I the next stage work.  We only ship the sculpture after getting your approval.


Portrait sculpture samples

Life-sizeportrait sculpture samples      
portrait sculpture portrait sculpture portrait sculpture portrait sculpture  
Mini-size 3D cartoon figurines      
portrait sculpture portrait sculpture portrait sculpture portrait sculpture  
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